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The Cattery

Most of the breeding is performed with: Grand Champion Corn-Bred’s Fanjette Again, Champion Corn-Bred’s Vanna, Grand Champion and National Winner Richson Bo-Tara of Makin’ Waves. We will be breeding Corn-Bred’s Mocha and Katniss from Sweden in the mix, too!

Cornish Rex are the sweetest cats you are ever going to meet! You can tell by looking at their eyes, what lovely natures they have. Their beautiful wavy coats, and curvy, refined bodies are distinguishing characteristics of the Cornish Rex; they are a study in waves. Their children are bred to have the same characteristics and personality. We breed for temperament and health. Kittens come to you after they have been spayed or neutered, had all of their vaccines and have been checked over by a veterinarian, that they are as healthy and stable as a cat can be.

You can reserve kittens with a deposit. We sell kittens and occasionally older cats, and you can choose your color and gender preferences. When you are on the waiting list, you may have to wait more than six months (we only breed each queen around once a year, as this is not a kitty mill).

Feel free to contact Anni Dhir for any questions you may have. Corn-Bred is a home-based operation, exclusively dedicated to breeding the Cornish Rex. The cats are raised with lots of love; we spoil them. The Cornish Rex is one of the most playful breeds of cat, even into their later adulthood. They are inquisitive and affectionate due to their intelligent and personable natures. They are lap cats; they are playmates. They will greet you when you come home. They like to watch you preparing your meals (and theirs) in the kitchen, and will chase after the broom while you sweep. This is not the kind of cat that just sits in the corner, or runs to hide when people come to visit.

The Cornish Rex is great with kids and can be raised with other pets. Because they are shorthaired cats, Cornish Rex cats do not shed much at all. While this is no guarantee that they are hypo-allergenic, it presents a much better chance for a comfortable home and guest environment.

You’ll love your Cornish Rex!

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